Welcome to the world of Caravan, a role-playing game where you recruit a team of strange beings and lead them on a wild adventure through a procedurally generated tower in the sky.

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As you explore fantastic lands, countless tales will unfold before you. Choose your actions wisely; choices are permanent and have ramifications throughout the entire tower.
Provision your team for success by managing skills, stats, and equipment.
Along the way your party will be tested in battle. Caravan features a deep turn-based RPG battle system where units killed in battle do not resurrect.
About me
Hello. I'm Jack McCarron. Caravan is both a work in progress and provisionally titled! I am making it with C# + Unity. Thanks for checking it out.

My professional background is in networking QA automation and operations, but I'm currently seeking a QA or engineering position in the game industry!

If you want, you can contact me: jack dot g dot mccarron at gmail dot com. View Jack McCarron's profile on LinkedIn